Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

According to the CDC, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions such as: heart disease, diabetes and lung disease, are at higher risk of contracting COVID 19 and having more serious effects from the virus.


Keeping Your Loved One Healthy

We at Anointed Care Home are doing all that we can to help keep our residents safe and healthy. Living in a smaller populated facility helps reduce the risk of infection and our staff takes extraordinary precautions to prevent contracting and spreading the Coronavirus to our residents.

Our staff conducts extra cleaning precautions including cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces daily and commonly used surfaces before each use.  This includes areas such as workstations, countertops and doorknobs.

Additionally, all staff follows CDC guidelines and laws concerning public areas including frequently washing hands, wearing masks and socially distancing where possible.

If any employee appears to be sick they will be sent home immediately. We require that employees who have a sick family member or have been exposed to COVID-19, must be tested before returning to work. 

Keeping Your Loved One Healthy

We take your loved one's health seriously. We are able to assist with medication reminders and if your loved one is not feeling well, we will provide transportation to and from the doctor. 

We stay in close contact with the family and medical team to ensure that our residents stay healthy and are following doctor's orders. 

If you ever have a question about your loved one's health, we are here for you to help you address those concerns.