About Us

How Anointed Care Home Came To Be

It is amazing how God's timing works in all things we do. Anointed Care Home began years ago when owner, Meshia Smith, started her first job at a nursing home over 30 years ago in 1991 and continued her love for care giving.

She started out working at a nursing home and went on to become a CNA to continue her love for the senior citizen population. 

"I felt the need to spread my love to the vulnerable elderly, so as the years went by I decided that I wanted to take care of senior citizens whose family was unable to care for them." says Smith. "I wanted to make a difference in someone else's life."

In 2014, Ms. Smith moved back home to care for her sick father and before he passed away, he encouraged her to start her own business. Ms. Smith began praying for God to move in ways to help her become her own boss. God continued to tell her to stay at her current job, because He had greater things in store for her there.

Trusting God's word, she stayed on at The Establishment and in 2018, she took over ownership and named the facility Anointed Private Care Home.

Anointed Private Care Home's vision is coming to pass everyday in God’s timing. Ms. Smith and her staff have a compassionate heart to help those in need and to follow God's plan. 

She knows that the love and devotion she gives to her patients is her calling of God’s work for her and she wouldn’t have it any other way